Single Partition (resizeable) saves as raw

  • [ATTACH=full]164[/ATTACH] I have a Windows XP 32 bit image on a PC. I’ve tested two different PCs to make sure this wasn’t a fluke. Under my image setting, I set the image to a windows xp OS and set it to single partition resizeable. However, when the image is uploading it detects the hard drive as raw and uploads a raw image.

    I’ve tripple checked to make sure there are no hidden recovery partitions or anything like that (I know dell loves to hide those). I also confirmed the disk is actuall NTFS. The computer boots before and after the image upload, however, as soon as I deploy the image to the PC, it won’t boot.

    I tested the latest kernel and it does this as well. I’ve ran fog 0.32 on Ubuntu 12.04 and moved it to 10.04 to see if it was the OS causing the issue. I’m lost. What is causing this? I thought I was out of the water when I figured out what was causing tftp not to work.


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    Did you defrag the HDD and run chkdsk /r 😄 at least twice?