Fog Server (with two NICs) Rebuild assistance - Using FOG with two ethernet interfaces

  • Hey guys.

    I rebuilt my fog server Ubuntu install and added a second NIC as we had to hardcode the first install, which kept me from being able to update the server itself. So I installed the second NIC, so I would have network access on that one and the eno1 option would just be used for the PXE boot.

    But I need a little help. I am NOWHERE near a guru in Ubuntu or Linux. As a matter of fact, novice is clearly more of a title I can claim.

    Can someone point me to a tutorial/kbase on how to properly configure it? Or help? 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

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    All fine, we just had to configure an IP address on the internal network interface and tell the installer to use that for imaging.

  • Just a heads up. To help those who may have this question in the future.

    Before installing fog, manually configure the NIC that is ONLY being used for fog with a static IP and subnet off of the typical IP address scheme on your current network.

    Then continue with the install.

    Would you like to setup a router address for the DHCP server? NO

    Would you like DHCP to handle DNS? NO

    Would you like to use the FOG server for DHCP service? YES

    These three changes appear to have been the only additional changes needed.

    Currently creating my first image.

  • @sebastian-roth thank you for your help. I will update you on the results.

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    @TTellez See the chat bubble in the top right corner…

  • walked through the setup.

    1. Debian
    2. Ubuntu
    3. Server IP (manually chosen)
    4. Server Subnet Mask: Error: Li is not recognized
    5. Interface: eno1 (name of the switch connected enet, not the gateway connected)
    6. Normal Server
    7. Using Fog DHCP: Yes
    8. DHCP Router Address:

    Everything seems good but the subnet. How do I address that?

    1. No AD controls.
    2. Network is simple. I literally will have a hardwired connection directly to the second NIC for internet connectivity, and the first NIC will be wired to a switch that connects to the machines to be imaged.
    3. Latest Ubuntu install 16.04 LTS
    4. Current stable build of fog