• We are trying to image a HP Prodesk 600 mini desktop. However when we do the boot into PXE, while it does find Fog, it only downloads the undionly.kpxe file and then kicks back into the BIOS menu.

    This computer is a Windows 10 but that shouldn’t matter since this is a PXE boot issue. I had only tested with a VMWare VM setup with CentOS so I also ran a test on a VMWare Windows 7 VM to just try a Windows computer. That did the PXE and showed the Fog menu correctly.

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    @richard-nihells You change the dhcp option 67 {boot-file} to that name.

    So you are using 1.4.4. That’s good so you have a current version.

    When its pxe booting, do you seen anything that says NBF? What your describing really sounds like a computer in uefi mode, being sent a bios kernel.

    Just so you know bios (legacy) mode requires undionly.(k)kpxe kernels, where uefi mode requires a uefi kernel ending in .efi, like ipxe.efi again that would be set in your dhcp boot options.

  • How do I try undionly.kkpxe.

    Version 1.4.4

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    @richard-nihells ok so its legacy mode, the undionly is probably the right boot kernel. You can try undionly.kkpxe (note the 2 Ks).

    I should also ask, what version of FOG are you using?

  • We did go in and enable legacy boot. Secure boot is turned off.

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    Are you sure the computer is in bios (legacy mode) vs uefi mode? If its in uefi mode 1. you are sending the wrong pxe boot file 2. you need to disable secure boot for imaging