Hyper V and Pxe boot to Fog problems

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    @paulman9 When we talk about PXE booting (before we start FOS) we are talking about iPXE. Your kernels are not coming into play until you select registration or schedule a capture or deploy. If you can’t get into the FOG iPXE menu then this is an iPXE boot kernel loader.

    So what gen of hyper-v vm did you create? Did you create a bios (legacy) mode vm or a uefi based?

    What error message do you see? Are there any visual clues to why it failed?

  • We are having the same issue on an old beta (1.4.0 I think) 7545. We were looking to upgrade FOG to latest yet according to op this issue persists. It seems to happen on all machines running hyper-v (the host) on windows 10 1709 for us. 1703 works as expected. We have not found a kernel that changed this behavior either. Any hints or a solution would be greatly appreciated.

  • Gen1 Fog 1.4.4

  • @hope1983 FOG Version? Gen 1 or Gen 2 VM?

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