• I need to deploy MATLAB on 20 of my fog clients.

    I have a setup.exe for matlab, but that calls other files in the folder. That folder is about 8 GB in size.

    To run matlab silently on command line I do this:
    setup.exe -inputfile installer.txt

    Now, if it were a simple exe file I would create a snapin like this:
    upload setup.exe to fog
    Snapin Run with Argument inputfile
    Snapin arguments installer.txt

    Am I correct in the above?
    Do I have to package the entire 8 GB folder into an exe or msi?
    Should I put the matlab folder in a network share to ease fog server load?
    Tell me what links to read up on.

    Thank you for your help!

  • Senior Developer

    @JackieJack all the computers would download the 8GB and run it locally

  • so with this snapin pack, it will push down the 8 GB zip file to all 20 pcs, and the pcs run the setup.exe locally? or would it be on the fog server and everyone run the setup.exe over the network?

  • Senior Developer

    @JackieJack A newish feature (as of 1.3.0+) called Snapin Packs would be perfect in this scenario. Basically you zip up all the files matlalb needs, set the snapin pack to run the setup exe inside, and that’s it. You can checkout the documentation about it here: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=SnapinPacks

  • Or I could put the folder on a server, and create a batch file (snapin) to:
    map network drive
    run setup.exe with switches. But would matlab support multiple installs at the same time? Is that a licensing thing?