installing and adding a new storage node

  • okay so my FOG server looks like this: i installed Debian O.S. on a usb and then run it from a pc without a hardrive or ssd or anything installed now that fog is functioning properly i connected an SSD to the first sata port and want to make it a storage node i haven’t done anything with it yet but was wondering how i would go at doing this.

  • Developer

    @unknownhost99 From what you are saying I understand that you installed debian and FOG as a master node in the USB key (which is fine). Right?

    Now you want to add a storage node to the setup? A storage node by definition has to be a new node/PC/machine/VM/system (you name it) but cannot be on a second hard drive on the same system!

    By the way, which version of FOG do you use?

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