UNSOLVED (Another) Web UI Hangs

  • Hi folks,

    Apologies for creating what must be the hundredth thread on such a vague issue but I’ve hit a wall after trying to diagnose this myself and checking the troubleshooting page on the wiki.

    Symptoms: Sporadic slowness on all pages, fog will routinely hang with browsers ‘waiting’ for the page. This can last up to around two or three minutes.
    This does not impact the login page (?) no matter if other pages in the interface are haging, if I attempt a new session the login page is always lightning fast but will; hang as soon as login is attempted.
    Other pages such as the apache default, do not have this problem and will load whilst fog pages are still hanging

    Things already tried:
    General rebooting of related services/server
    Re-installing fog
    Checked apache error log and no errors/notices
    Both CPU/Network load are minimal

    We have three sites with storage nodes in each, with the main server in our DataCentre

    Thanks for the help, we’ve recently deployed a new site using fog, and are starting to build images for existing hardware, incredibly happy.

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    @st4tus Any news on this?

  • Do you have a proxy server set on your system trying to access the web ui? If so, try disabling the proxy to test. I had that issue and it worked. Hopefully it can help you.

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    @st4tus said in (Another) Web UI Hangs:

    I’ve tried that tactic and unfortunately it persists, even across machines

    Ok so this sounds different to other UI issues we had so far. Sounds like this is not an issue on the client/browser.

    load average: 1.32, 0.98, 0.49

    Is this right when you have the issue? Do you have one CPU or several ones? 1.32 is not super high (whatever that means) but the values tell us that load’s been rising over the last 15 minutes.

  • 08:56:29 up 19:41, 1 user, load average: 1.32, 0.98, 0.49
    I’ve tried that tactic and unfortunately it persists, even across machines

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    @st4tus Server load is minimal you said, right? Can you post the output of uptime command with shows the load.

    What happens if you logout and close all the browser tabs. Maybe even close the browser. Then re-open the login page and login. Is it still hanging?

  • @sebastian-roth That’s quite alright, it’s definitely a weird one.
    So, if I’m in a period of ‘hanging’ where existing pages are hanging, and I open a login page, the moment I submit my credentials it hangs loading the main page.

    I fear the quickest solution might be to migrate to a fresh server

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    @st4tus Sorry I am asking so many questions but I don’t seem to be able to replicate this issue yet. So I am just trying to narrow it down.

    Do you see the hang straight from the start after login into the FOG web UI? Or does it take a little while to sort of build up?

  • @sebastian-roth Every page, except as mentioned the login page. I can bring this up immediately whilst other pages are continuing to hang

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    @st4tus We are using JavaScript setTimeout stuff to update website content over and over. This might get in conflict.

    Does this happen on any page for you (images, hosts, storage, FOG settings)?

  • @Sebastian-Roth Yeah, strangely enough, I stick to Chrome but did test using the latest versions of IE/Edge/Firefox.
    It feels like an apache issue but with it only impacting the fog interface I really can’t get my head around cause.

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    @st4tus Have you tried different browsers yet? Always got the same symptoms?

  • I’m on the dev-branch
    SVN Revision: 6080

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    @st4tus Which version of FOG do you use? 1.4.4, RC10 (dev-branch or working)?