SOLVED Realtek GBE 10/100/1000 boot issuses

  • Hi I have problem with boot process with only Realtek LAN Client

    Pxe initialising devices … OK
    No configuring methods succedded !

    It’s possible edit or change fog server to try other kernel ?

    with all LAN Intel I have not problem, this is the first time !

    Note: if change the Bios setting to only UEFI mode, IPXE starts correctly with GBE Realtek.
    I have this problem with Legacy mode only.


  • Senior Developer

    @zingaro Please post the PCI IDs as a reference as well.

    Did you try my suggestion on using a dump mini switch?

    Other than that you could try different iPXE binaries like undionly.kkpxe (note the double k), ipxe.pxe, realtek.kpxe or realtek.kkpxe

    The other question is, why not going UEFI all the way?

  • the chipset is:

    with the UEFI start fog works correctly,
    the problem is present only Boot Legacy

  • Senior Developer

    @zingaro Let’s start with a few questions. Which version of FOG are you currently running? Which NIC exactly is this Realtek GBE? Boot up a linux live CD or Windows and check out the PCI ID of it - Linux: lspci -nn | grep net and Windows: Device Manager -> NIC -> Details -> Hardware IDs or something like that.

    Please try connecting a dump mini switch between that client and your main network switch and see if that helps.