Super newbie guide for creating image to w10?

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    @motto The setup.exe should not be in winpe, if you modified
    the startnet.cmd file properly.

    This is from the tut:

      echo Connecting to the remote share
      net use z: \\<server_name>\<share_name> /user:<domain\uid> <pass>

    In the startnet.cmd it should map the z: drive to what you have shared in samba. Then it should change current directory to Z: and finally run setup.exe from the samba share. That is the design.

  • @george1421 Hello,

    Yes, it is all did and working, I only have 1 problem

    When I pxe win10, it downloads my winpe iso image and “press a key to continue” like a normal windows, but when I press a key it justs boot normal.

    I think its because I dont have setup.exe inside the iso , my setup.exe is on the same folder at the same level, with the other extracted files of my w10 dvd.

    So I have my extracted files AND the winpe iso, but i dont have setup.exe INSIDE the winpe iso

    I will try tomorrow putting my setup.exe inside :)


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    @motto OK so the idea is this. You will take the MS Windows DVD and create an iso of it and copy it to the FOG server then extract it using the commands I provided, or if your fog server has a dvd drive, insert the DVD into your fog server and copy the entire contents of the dvd to your fog server in the path defined by your samba share. Now from a windows computer test to ensure you can access the samba share on the via the fog server. If that is successful then you should be ready for the winpe boot. The setup.exe should be in the root of the dvd drive that you copied to the samba share directory.

    When you pxe boot winpe you created it should map a directory to the samaba share on the fog server and then call the setup.exe program to start the win10 installer.

  • @george1421 said in Super newbie guide for creating image to w10?:

    ng you need to check/make sure is that on your windows 10 media, that setup.exe is in the root of the dvd. I’m finding some media does not contain the setup.exe program.

    I did all the steps, and im pretty sure that it will work now, but I dont have the setup.exe

    can I just copy it from my w10 dvd ?

    many thanks again and sorry to bother you

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    @motto OK It sounds like you are on the right path now.

    One thing you need to check/make sure is that on your windows 10 media, that setup.exe is in the root of the dvd. I’m finding some media does not contain the setup.exe program.

    Understand at the end of this process, you will only be able to start the win10 installer over the network via pxe booting. You must still install win10 as normal.

  • @george1421 Thanks!

    Let me explain:

    I have the FOG installed, and the samba share activated (under linux)

    In a w10 pc, I installed the windows ADK, but is seems its not the same than WAIK, so I will try it

    next I think is to copy the “files” needed to my linux server, and the create the menu entry…

    I will try with windows AIK, thanks!

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    @motto Just so I’m clear, you want to pxe boot the Windows 10 installer?

    To do that follow the Win7 instructions in that guide. You can not pxe boot directly the win10 iso image. You have to copy the win10 files to a linux server running samba or a windows computer and make a share. Then you can make a winpe image (requires windows WAIK files) that connects to the share you created with the win10 files. Then the winpe boot image can be delivered by fog and pxe booting.

  • Hello and thanks!

    Yes, I know, I’ve searched the forums and also internet trying to make a simple image to boot it with FOG but im still unable to do it, that’s why Im asking for help, but if its not on the FOG’s scope, could you please tell me where I can find a guide?

    I have this:

    could it be ?

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    Welcome to the forums. Your request is outside of what FOG can do for you. You will use fog once you have a working windows 10 reference image. FOG can not help you create your initial image.

    I can tell you that many people start with Microsoft’s Deployment Toolkit to build the reference image or people build the reference image by hand in audit mode. Once you have your master/golden/reference image built then you can capture and deploy with FOG.

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