Disable wimboot ? Spawn of devil

  • So I have been wondering why do I keep having weird files and folders Respawn on my pc; less than a month ago I brought the acer back from clean format at acer centre. I formatted it clean many times myself before but that didn’t work so.
    I had and I guess I still have genuine copy of windows 10, but my anti viruses keep being replaced by dummies. I’m pulling logs of Things I did not do and installing things I didn’t install.
    My last option was norton.
    Couldn’t connect to the server something was blocking me bad from installing it.
    After 3 hours and remote support from norton I managed to get the antivirus on my pc but can’t run power eraser because “it does not support wimboot enabled computers”.
    Also on every scan 80% of my files n folder get skipped.
    Norton told me to contact Microsoft to disable wimboot.’
    I contacted Microsoft they told me they don’t specialise in this as it is Microsoft developer network service teams job .
    I tried removing the winboot by myself but drive management can’t locate he virtual disk.
    Neither can I connect and locate my local host php*.*
    Something is overriding my settings and I’m pretty sure someone messed with my computer few months ago.

    1.How can I remove the wimboot?

    2.Why did factory wipe at manufacturer (Acer) not notice and remove this little spawn of devil bootfile ?

    3.How can I bypass the hacker in order to disable and change back the system to mine, even if they stole my credentials ? I see system creating accounts and anonymously logging in in my activity centre as well as granting privileges to shit which is creepy.

    Help. Thanks

    Re: fog pxe/iPxe boot win 7 wimboot CD/DVD missing issue

  • @rosscaramell The type of disk you’re using doesn’t cause accounts to be randomly made in Windows. This isn’t related to FOG in the slightest.

  • @wayne-workman so how do we know it’s not in my ssd? I have some vmware logs as well

  • I think this isn’t the right forums for this problem. This is not a FOG related problem. If I were you, I’d probably throw the hard disk into the trashcan and get a new one.