More specificity in creating image partition types.

  • I’d like to be able to have fog specifically image 1 partition alone leaving other intact.

    [B]I’m asking for:[/B]
    Classroom PC, 500GB HDD
    50 GB windows system
    450GB partition I want fog to leave alone. Don’t format it, but don’t capture it too.

    [B]Possible Method:[/B]
    Perhaps you could do this with a step between sysprep the image and uploading it. Boot the pxe menu, use a register like tool but to add the partition table to fogs database where I can then choose that image type action on a specific partition. eg, Single Partition (NTFS ONLY, [U]Not [/U]re-sizable) for disk 1 partition 1, No Action for disk 1 partition 2, Tick maintain partition table.

    [B]Why on earth?:[/B]
    I wanted to investigate some other storage methods we need a large about of space for but not much availability. Archives perhaps. I wonder if I could make a 450GB trueCrypt partition on say, 90 machines and tie them all together as a storage cluster with NFS or something similar. That’s 40.5TB total I could divvy up for redundancy and use for archive storage. But I can’t if when a machine goes down fog will whack the other partition on image.

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    I believe someone on the forums has modifications to FOG to allow you to manage which partitions are uploaded and deployed.

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