Enabling Fogclient via setupcomplete.cmd breaks unattended win10 installation

  • I’m building my first win10-Masterimage.
    I try to deploy win10 pro x64 v1709 including FogClient following the instructions in the wiki

    The reboot command

    shutdown -t 0 -r

    breaks windows setup. Placing the command in unattend.xml doesn’t work either.

    The reboot command in setupcomplete.cmd leads to the following error page
    It states that windows isn’t ready yet but might be working after applying an update.
    Rebooting now causes windows to create a new user and (i suppose) again calls setupcomplete.cmd which again interrupts setup completion and thus leads to a boot loop.

    The installation can be forced to complete by changing some registry values without any further issues (see https://miriamxyra.com/2016/04/14/registry-hacking-against-sysprep-errors/).

    So it seems that setupcomlete.cmd is called a bit to early in the setup process, thus the reboot command prevents setup to finish.
    Does anyone know a way to reboot windows safely after windows setup is finished?

  • @george1421 Thanks George, using net start seems to work.
    @Scott-B The fogclient is included in the Image as this is the way I do it in my Win7-Images without problems.
    As for now I’m fine with George’s solution, but I keep your tip in mind if other problems may show up.

  • Do you have the fog client already installed on your image or does your setupcomplete.cmd install it? I had an issue when the FOG client was already installed on the image, but I do have the setupcomplete.cmd install the client and just include the .msi on image which works great.

  • Moderator

    @michael_f Yes it does. That may even be more reasons to only start the fog server after someone reboots the computer for the first time.

    We are still walking an unknown path with 1709. By the time setupcomplete.cmd exists windows “should” be fully setup. But that doesn’t appear to be the case now.

  • I’ ll try that. But when fogservice renames the client and joins to domain it causes a reboot too, doesn’t it?

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    FWIW: For 1709, I would not have it reboot the computer in setupcomplete.cmd. There are a bunch of things going on behind the screen at the end of the setupcomplete.cmd. You can instead just issue the net start command to start the fog client. OR let Win10 do its thing then reboot, then the FOG client will take off and do its thing. The issue is Windows 10 1709 is so new and very different than 1703 we don’t have a solid foundation with 1709 just yet.