UNSOLVED Checking the "Schedule Shutdown after task completion" causes task to hang

  • I noticed this in both capture and deployment tasks. If I check the checkbox mentioned in the title, the tasks never finish.
    During capture this is a problem, because the captured image is unfinished.
    During deployment not so much of a problem. The computers seem to work fine when I start them. But in the task management page the tasks appear in progress, even though they are finished.

  • Yes, sure. I have to set up a machine for another one of our labs. I am going to do a capture with the “shutdown” option on, and one without it. Let’s see what happens.

    Also, I am going to gather data during deployment. I have 2 more labs to deploy next week. Will post here as soon as I have it.

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    @andreiv This sounds really strange to me. From the script code I can’t see why this should be happening on shutdown but not on reboot. Doesn’t make sense to me. Not saying that It’s not possible but I don’t see why yet.

    Can you please take a video of the last seconds (everything after the last blue partclone screen) when a client finishes and reboots? Upload the video to your dropbox or gdrive and post a link here. Maybe we can spot what’s wrong. One of the last messages on screen should be “Updating Database … Done”.

  • Latest. 1.4.4 if I’m not mistaking (I don’t have access to the server right now).

    The task in the UI, yes. But the effect is different depending on the operation.

    If I start a capture operation, the computer I capture from shuts down (so the part on the client is done) but in the web interface still shows that it is ongoing. And the folder containing the image is in the /images/dev/<random string> folder. It isn’t moved in the /images folder and named as I set it.
    But I if don’t check the “Schedule Shutdown after task completion”, the capture task finishes OK and the computer I capture from reboots.

    When deploying, all computers finish, shut down but in the web UI still says that the task in ongoing (but it shows somewhere around 95% complete). in this case it doesn’t seem to have any negative impact. I start the computers, they boot ok and continue with the after deployment scripts.
    I even checked the computers with sfc /scannow and boot time disk check, both ok. So Windows doesn’t seem to be affected, even if, i do get a warning at first boot, saying to “Check the disk for errors”. I did the checking and no errors found on any computer. So the warning must be due to the dirty bit being set. But that can be ignored.

    P.S. I got the “Check disk for errors” message again and here is the scan:

    As you can see, the dirty bit is set. Partclone (or some other script/app) forgot to clear it. But the volume is otherwise OK.

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    @andreiv Which version of FOG do you have?

    During capture this is a problem, because the captured image is unfinished.

    You mean the task in the web UI / database? Or do you also the the task in the client not finishing properly?