fog in a docker container - data storage

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    i’ve installed FOG into a docker container. Now i’m thinking about data storage (Docker Volumes or bind mounts). Which fog-directories will store variable data?
    I think, it must be:

    • the Image directory (/image)
    • the tftp dir (/tftpboot)
    • the database (/var/lib/mysql)
    • snapins (/opt/fog/snapins/)

    Are there any other interesting directories? Maybe it would be a good idea to use a docker volume for the entire fog-folder (/opt/fog)

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    @lebowski while its not dynamic data fog does install/alter files in


    You could (might want to) consolidate /images and move it into /opt/fog/images you can do that with a loop mount or when you install FOG point to that location instead of the default location of /images.

    If you are going to use dnsmasq for your setup then /etc/dnsmasq.conf and /etc/dnsmasq.d

    The other issue is installing/upgrading fog. If you use the github method you need a location to clone the repository.

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