SOLVED OPTIPLEX 7050 not launch task

  • Hello,

    With some of dell optiplex 7050 not all of them the deploy task not start end boot on disk just after boot.php
    if i put a pcie network card the task start.
    All the are the same bios version and intel 219-lm network card

  • @george1421 I’m very sorry i made a big mistake i mix the letter A with the number 4 in the mac address you can mark as Resolved.
    Thanks again.

  • @george1421 I’m very sorry i made a big mistake i mix the letter A with the number 4 in the mac address you can mark as Resolved.
    Thanks again.

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    @cedre My comment was more in regards to:

    Why for the same system and the only difference was a different nic, one pxe booted right to grub.exe (no ipxe menu) and the second one pxe booted right into fos (assuming you scheduled a capture/deploy task. What confuses me is the immediate pxe boot to grub.exe.

    As for this new information, what has changed between the September deployment and now Late November? Where the systems architecture changed some how? Is different hardware inside the case (Dell has been known to change components on the mobo mid year). Is the firmware version different? From a logical standpoint, if FOG hasn’t change, your configuration hasn’t changed, and you are ordering the same models, what changed in the equation?

    Do you go in and reset firmware back to default on these systems then make any changes necessary?

    Thinking about this for several minutes. Lets make sure we understand your execution steps.

    1. You pxe boot a new “out of box” computer
    2. You register it with FOG. It registers OK in FOG like the 1200 computers before.
    3. You then schedule a deploy task in FOG.
    4. You again pxe boot the target computer.
    5. 2 of the 8 you just purchased start imaging as expected. 6 out of the 8 do not start imaging but exit immediately to grub.

    Is that what your videos are telling us?

  • @george1421 I configured exit mode to Grub in ipxe boot menu fog because sanboot hang with some computer and don’t boot the system with grub no problem all of my 1200 computer load the system
    It’s the same configuration
    I deploy 30 Optiplex 7050 in september without any problem
    I receive this week 8 7050 and only 2 of them deploy without any problem for the other 6 i put an external nic.

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    @cedre Interesting, but I have to question why on the broken deployment is boot.php calling grub.exe and on the working one boot.php is loading FOS.

    Do you have the two systems configured differently in FOG?

  • Video with internal nic
    link text
    Video with intel external pcie nic the deploy task start
    link text

    Made with the same computer fog 1.4.4

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    @cedre Please explain more in detail at what stage exactly things go wrong. Best if you can take a picture or video and upload here in the forum.

    Which version of FOG do you have?