Create and Deploy Image from FOG running in VMware on Server 2012

  • I have built a Windows Server 2012 r2, I have VMware player … and inside of that I have installed Kubuntu 14.04 desktop i386.
    Within Kubuntu, I have installed FOGvm_0.27.
    I want to be able to upload a built image from a separate physical computer (sysprepped) and store the image in FOG… I then wish to deploy that image to multiple separate physical machines…
    Im not certain how to connect to the external physical machines over my network, my IP for the physical Server is 172.x.x.x and the FOG is on NAT to have internet connectivity.
    How can I boot the physical machine I wish to image to be discovered by the FOG server within VMware?
    thanks for your help!

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    @CRASHABBOTT I guess you went to use fog_vm_0.27 as this is the “latest” pre-build VM we have for download on sourceforge. Don’t use that. It’s from 2009 and there have been countless major changes within FOG. We don’t support those old versions anymore. As George suggested start over with a clean install of your favorite Linux system (FOG supports centos/redhat/fedora, debian/ubuntu, arch) and take it from there. Current stable FOG version is 1.4.4.

    About your network. Make sure you set things up properly in bridged mode. There is no way you can make FOG work properly in NAT mode. Though it can reach out to the internet your other systems are not able to connect to your FOG server for imaging (this is kind of a security feature build into NAT!).

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    @crashabbott I still really don’t understand your setup, and why you need NAT. Yes I understand you need the internet access to install FOG. Also fog gets unhappy when you change the IP address of the fog server after FOG is installed.

    Just to be clear your VM Host server is on the 172.x.x.x network and so is your computers you want to image? AND your 172.x.x.x network doesn’t have internet access??

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    @crashabbott said in Create and Deploy Image from FOG running in VMware on Server 2012:


    Unfortunatly that fogvm 0.27 means nothing to me, unless that is fog 0.27 which is about 9 years old. If that is what you have, good luck.

    My recommendation to you is to start over with centos 7 and then install fog 1.4.4 on it.

  • @george1421 yes…have it in NAT for now…as it would not find the network connection when in Bridged(?) Yep… I was scratching my head on that one too… in order to install, had to put back to NAT… voila, internet,install proceeded,
    Now… Post install… I can ping from FOG to Client machines… can even ping other VM’s… but you are correct… unable to ping from machine that I wish to upload image from TO the FOG server, as the FOG is on a 192.x.x.x, I was hoping that while on NAT… that it would use the NIC in the Server box to communicate thru … but Im reaching… do you have a solution that may work?.. or a path I may begin to travel down to solution?.. I was hoping to keep on my native network and be able to capture and deploy without having to do a “separate network” with a switch…I do not want the FOG dhcp to interfere with my greater network… (thank you for your help, this is my first time trying FOG… I usually use Clonezilla, which is close, but does not wholly support SSD)

  • @george1421 fogvm_0.27

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    Just for clarity, what version of fog do you have installed?

    And for what its worth, you the clients need to be able to ping the FOG server or your setup won’t work. I’m not sure why you are using NAT, but typically you would use bridged networking for what you are trying to do.

  • @crashabbott I should add, that I can ping host machines from FOG TO the machine I wish to capture an image from , but not the other way… (ping [hostname].domainname)
    the IP for the FOG is 192.168.x.x… again, with network going through NAT…