Capture a partition and when deploying choose which partition to overwrite

  • Hello guys,
    I would need to capture a system partition and be able to deploy it on another system partition of the PC on which I would like to deploy my image? Will you have a solution for my problem? Also I am forced to arrive because I encounter problems related to the activation of Windows via an OEM license if you also have things on top I am listening because I am blocked. Otherwise I am sorry for English which is not really correct. I’m waiting for your answers.

  • Moderator

    First I have to get the legal bit out of the way. Microsoft OEM EULA licenses do not allow you to clone an OEM image and deploy it to another computer. You must have a MS Volume license key for this. You only need one volume license key per version of windows OS you need to deploy. So the cost is not bad.

    I do think we have something lost in what you say.

    Do you what to take a single partition and deploy it to another computer or another partition on the same computer?