• So I have just heard about this software and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how this could scale to a 50 location retail business.

    Currently imaging manually and we need to be looking at another solution as this is quite an arduous process.

    I have done some prelim reading but all of our locations VPN to our corporate headquarters.

    Any insight anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

  • @sabotage Put a small server at each site. The hardware can be your choosing. You could use small and low-end servers if you have the money, or you could use old desktops for it. Up to you. Then setup your main FOG Server at HQ, and install all the site’s boxes as fog storage nodes. The storage-node installation process allows you to attach it to a main fog server. Then setup the location plugin and configure all your locations. We have documentation for this in our wiki. But…

    For now - you really should just setup a test FOG Server at your HQ and just try things out. Generally, newbies of FOG have lots of questions about basic stuff.