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  • My environment does no allow to sneaker net in VMs, so I have to build the system onsite without internet connectivity.

    I have local copies of the Centos OS, EPEL, and Remi repositories. When using those the installer gets to the page to import the database and, the management page is blank.

    I can create a webpage and it does display. Phpinfo shows correctly an is v5.4.

    When I run the installer on my laptop from home it works fine, so I know it is a package issue. I am having difficulty determining what packages are winning out during the yum selection process.

  • Developer

    @cmurray139 First thing that comes to my mind is SELinux possibly not being disabled in CentOS. Please follow instructions here:

    About the blank page. It’s probably easier to take a look at the apache error logs (see my signature on where to find those)!

    If you still want to check the packages then take a look at the FOG installation logs. Those are placed in the same directory where the ./ script’s been run. As well you can check /var/log/yum.log for a list of packages.

    By the way, which version of FOG do you use?

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