UNSOLVED Changed IP address to move server to a local network

  • Had a virus at one of my schools, so i moved my fog server to that school after it was disconnected from the rest of the network. After a few hours i was able to get it working. 2 months later i need to put it back at the central location and i cannot get the clients to get past PXE-E32: TFTP Open Timeout. I have since ran an upgrade hoping it would correct the issue, but its still happening. I can get in the web interface and i have changed everywhere i can think of but i’m really a linux dummy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    CentOS 7 and Fog 1.4.4

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    @gfontenot Once you fixed what is in the gui, then where you downloaded the upgrade files to, just rerun ./installfog.sh script again.

  • Can you please explain how to rerun the installer? I ran an upgrade so i thought that would fix my issues.

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    There are 3 locations in the webgui where the FOG server IP address is shown. There are 2 in the FOG Configuration Settings and 1 in the FOG Storage Node configuration. Fix those, then log into the linux command prompt and then edit /opt/fog/.fogsettings file. Correct the IP address there. Once that is done, rerun the fog installer and the installer will fix up the remaining address issues.