Ubuntu client multiple hard disks

  • I have a Mythbuntu 16.04.3 LTS (software is up to date and primarily kept as current a possible) that has a OS hard drive (160 Gb) and two large data drives (1.5 Tb & 2Tb) drives that are LVM together for large storage of recorded shows, etc. I only want to image the OS drive (for use in the event of a catastrophic failure) and NOT the large data drives.

    I have read on the “net” and in the forums. Added the “Host Primary DIsk” as ‘/dev’sda’ to the host. When I captured my first image it “picked up” the 1.5 Tb drive and imaged it.

    How do I make it “see” the OS drive at /dev/sda?

    I feel like I have missed something. Perhaps someone can point me to other documentation I may have missed?

  • Although it has been awhile . . . . I discovered that FOG was “seeing” the OS drive as /dev/sdc. Once I changed the “primary drive” to /dev/sdc all functioned properly.

    Thank you for your help on this problem (now solved.)

  • Had a chance to do as told and yes, FOG “sees” the drives differently.

    That which is plugged into the first sata port on the MB and the OS sees as /dev/sda, FOG, via debug task and “lsblk” listing “sees” as /dev/sdc.

    Now imaging correctly and storing the OS drive.

    Thank you for you guidance.

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    OK what I want you to do is this.

    1. Schedule another capture / deploy make sure you check the box that says debug before you submit the task.
    2. PXE boot the target computer.
    3. After a couple pages of text, where you have to press enter on the target computer, you will be dropped to a linux command prompt in FOS.
    4. Key in the following command, lsblk This will print out what FOS sees. Find out what FOS calls your os drive either /dev/sda or /dev/sdb. That is what you will key into the host primary disk to capture.
    5. Remember to cancel the running task and then schedule a capture again.