• I am trying to make changes for our DHCP server so we can start booting machines via UEFI instead of enabling legacy boot for each machine we want to add to FOG. I se some resources like the BIOS and UEFI Co-Existing wiki and the Filename information wiki, but I but the BIOS instructions seem to start in the middle of the process assuming you know what file to put in option 67. We currently have undionly.kpxe as option 67 and it is working for legacy booting. Should this be changed to make UEFI devices work? I’m not concerned with breaking legacy boot as all the devices we currently have support UEFI and are only legacy booting because I didn’t have time to investigate this before deploying the machines. I would like to get this sorted before our next big batch of machines comes in.

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    @astrugatch You’ve probably read through this?! Fairly easy to setup. Though if you really only need UEFI then you can go ipxe.efi “single handed” and you should be all fine.

  • @george1421 but like I said I don’t really need both. Just UEFI. The handful of clients we have already images can be set back to EFI boot unless it’s easier to do both.

  • @george1421 Windows Server 2012 R2

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    I guess I would have to ask the OP, what device (Manufacturer and type) is your dhcp server? You can setup an automatic system that will switch between bios and uefi boot files.

  • @astrugatch said in [help] PXE for UEFI devices:


    Change Option 67 from undionly.kpxe to ipxe.efi should be all you need for just UEFI booting, I think.