• So when I create a multicast task and join all computers in it after a while whole installation stopped working. This is only in multicasting. There isn’t problem when deploying only 1 computer.
    My storage has bitrate set to 50m and bandwidth set to 50000.
    I’m using version 1.5.0-RC-9

  • @pecata This still, too me, would seem to indicate one of the systems in the session has a bad hard drive, though it’s trying to write the data to that block.

    Of course I don’t know exactly.

    I assure you, this isn’t something FOG is causing. There’s something in your environment causing this to occur.

  • I mean it freezes. And nothing more happens. There isn’t error message. 0_1508708938774_p.jpg

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    @pecata said in Multicast problem:

    … after a while whole installation stopped working

    Do you mean the deployment process (blue screen)? What exactly do you mean by “stopped”. Do you see an error or is it just slowing down? Please take a picture with your phone or camera and post here so we get an idea what you mean.

    In multicast the slowest part of the “chain” dictates the overall performance. So if you have a faulty hard drive in one of your machines that would slow down all together in a multicast session.