Shutdown computers after multicast session (No registration/groups)

  • My environment is complex. I plan on using a combination of groups for some computers and also not grouping other computers at all. For the computers that won’t be grouped, I plan on using the multicast task under Image Management for cloning. After the multicast session has completed, it reboots the computer. I have searched the forums and read through a few different wiki articles and couldn’t find what I was looking for at first. What I wanted to accomplish was shutting the computer down instead of rebooting it after the multicast session was done. I found this post that was asking for something similar where @tom-elliott replied. I just wanted to say that this solution worked for me. From my understanding this is a global setting so it will shutdown after any task has completed and I am fine with this. The purpose of this post is dual fold in that I wanted to say thank you, and also to link this solution to the multicast preference I wanted. This way if anyone else searches for multicast shutdown upon completion, hopefully they will find this. (See below for setting to add into the WebGUI)

    FOG: 1.4.4
    Ubuntu: 16.04

    @tom-elliott said in New PXE menu entry: Deploy Image & Shutdown:

    @george1421 It definitely is the easiest way, but if it’s specific to “quick imaging” goto:
    FOG Configuration Page->iPXE Menu Configuration->fog.deployimage
    In Boot Options: add: shutdown=1

    If you want it for ALL tasks (will not impact debug of course):
    FOG Configuration Page->FOG Settings->General Settings->FOG_KERNEL_ARGS and add: shutdown=1

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    You can set kernel parameters on a global basis (as you found). You can also set kernel parameters on a per-host basis too (I assume it also applies to FOG groups). So only host will know about shutting down after imaging (or any time bzImage is transferred to the target computer).

    BUT I think your quest has merit as a feature request. (in my non-programmer opinion) There should be an option on the setup page for multicast to shutdown after imaging, just like there is for a unicast image. I can see value in having that part of the core function of FOG.