• Hey guys,

    We just purchased a new Dell laptop for a mobile imaging station. We have quite a few sites with different subnets and IP ranges, so I have a mobile router in the mix too. The problem is, I’d like to have the clients add to each site’s domain via AD tool in FOG, wherever we may be. However, I am unsure as to how to route traffic to the domain controller.

    When the router (old Netgear VPN) is handing out DHCP, I can see the domain controller but, obviously there’s no way to ‘next server’ or ‘pxe source’.
    When FOG server does DHCP, I can see the internet, but not the domain controller.

    The Mobile FOG server is:
    Mobile Router:

    Site’s Range: 192.168.xxx.xxx (Usually) That’s why I chose something really simple.

    Is this simply a static route issue?
    What do I need to set up on the router?
    Is a better option to simply use a better router like a SonicWall that can handle a ‘next server’ request?

    Thanks in advanced, you guys rock!


  • Moderator

    Use proxyDHCP so you don’t have to worry about what the DHCP server config looks like.