Clone only one partiotion from disk

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    @pecata As George said it can only be done of source and destination disk are identical in size (sector count!). To achieve what you requested you’d have to capture and deploy an image fully at least once. Then I’d advice you create another image definition in the web UI where you set it to capture only c:\ (take a look at windows disk management tool to see if it is partition number two - likely). Capture this from the same source PC as you did initially capture the full image. Now you are able to deploy this single partition image to other PCs.

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    The issue is sure… maybe.

    You can capture a single partition. The issue is deploying the image to a target computer. The existing target partition must be the same exact size as the source partition. FOG can’t push around the partitions if, lets say your copied partition is larger than the destination partition, it can’t move the next partition (i.e. Partition #2) out of the way.