Deploy problem - Failed to read back partitions

  • Hello,

    I’m using FOG 1.5-RC-9 with Ubuntu 16.04 and i have a problem with deploy image just captured from difrent device but the same model. In short, the stack is one eMMC memory card with Windows 10 Home booting by UEFI. Capture process goes smooth without any problem.

    When i try to deploy (without host registration) i geting a failed partition read. (Picture below)

    alt text

    I hope someone can help me and i sorry for my poor English :)

  • thanks you guys for advice, i solve the problem by change multi partitions all disks to single disk in Image options.

  • Moderator

    Just looking at the picture very closely I see you are using multipart all disks (mpa). I see in the picture you have both a NVMe disk and a standard hard drive mcblk0 and sda. The problem with the mcblk0 it has two boot blocks that aren’t really usable. Are you trying to clone both the nvme and sda disks? Or since you are using mpa are the source and target disk sizes the same? Since you are using non-resizable?

  • Senior Developer

    @kubala as you captured the image as multi part all disks, is it possible it can’t put the partition table on the drive because the captured image was a larger drive than the one it’s being deployed to?

  • @george1421

    I have 10 computers with eMMC storage (NVM) and i successfully captured image from one, now i want to deploy this image to the rest of computers.

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    Just to be sure I understand what you are doing.

    You are capturing an image that is stored on a NVMe drive and then some time later you try to restore to a that captured image to another computer that might have a sata ssd drive? You are doing this without registering the new computer with the sata ssd drive?

    No worries on your english. I was born in the USA and I have poor english too.

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