Fog and Wireless

  • Morning All, (For all you Aussie’s)

    [S]Is it possible to get fog to Rebind laptops to Active Directory via wifi.[/S]
    Is it possible to get the fog client to work Wirelessly Eg. A,d Rebind, Snap-ins,

    The Wiki wasn’t very helpful or i wasn’t able to understand it or both. If there is a way could you please send me in the correct way

    From what i’ve read Fog identifies everything in mac address’s is it possible to get it too read Both NICS?

    Thank You :)

  • Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with the source code for the client, but there is the Additional MAC Address field on the host edit page. Adding the wireless NIC MAC address might take care of this, but again I’m not 100% sure without seeing what the client code is doing. Worth a shot though.

  • Anyone :(

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