Fog pxe boot error

  • Everyone,

    I am having a new issue with FOG. I have need using 1.4.0 for quite sometime and last week we got and error when pxe booting. This is what I get on the screen. I’ve upgraded to the latest release candidate to fix this issue but it did not work… Thanks in advance.
    0_1507746675009_fog error__1507746635_12.205.42.226.jpg

  • @sebastian-roth

    The comment from george1421 sis solve my issue. The issue was I had created a custom menu item for dban. There must have been something wrong the way I created the menu item. I deleted the created menu item and it fixed the issue. I will revisit putting the custom menu back on my system later.


  • Developer

    @Kyley-Holloway So this is solved then? What was wrong and how did you fix it?

    See this is an open source community and we all would like to know what went wrong and how you were able to fix it.

    Note to myself: We see so many questions on custom ISO boot issues… Should update the wiki to help people make this work easily.

  • That was the issue… I have been working on a dban menu item.


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    Do you happen to have any custom iPXE menus because you should not see that command/response normally from FOG.

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