UNSOLVED Snapin definition (reboot, shutdown) add option "only install" when keeping radio buttons

  • Hi,

    i am on RC9 working 49 (6079)

    i was a little confused while adding new snapins, by default reboot after snapin install is checked.
    Radio buttons are used for this but i think checkbox would be the right element since i can disable the radio button.

    Bild Text

    Bild Text

    In normal radio is used when an option can be changed but not fully switched off. Since i can say i wouldn’t wether reboot or shutdown idk what would be the best here.


    It is possible that initially none of the radio buttons in a group are selected. This unselected state cannot be restored by interacting with the radio button widget, though it may be possible through other user interface elements. When used in an HTML form, if no button in a group is checked, then no name-value pair is passed when the form is submitted.

    Normally i would not expect that i can disable a radio button. Maybe it would be the best to turn of defaulting to reboot.

  • Bumping this, it’s a good idea still.

  • Can some MOD move this to feature request please?
    It’s more a request than a bug. @Wayne-Workman maybe you?

  • Hi,

    @Wayne-Workman this was a suggestion right? “Only install” isn’t actually available.
    If so good idea and “Only install” should be default. @tom-elliott

    Regards X23

  • @x23piracy

    • Reboot after install
    • Shutdown after install
    • Only install