• New to Fog, and very impressed.
    At this time of year I get requests from parents for a system to backup their childs computer, before they go to college. Then to perform incremental backups while the computer is at college. Finally, if the computer needs to be restored, to perform that task. I understand this would be over a VPN connection. Would Fog be able to fulfill this scenario ?

  • Thanks MLX,
    I’ll mention the requirements to others - 🙂

  • hello
    you’ll need a powerful VPN link …
    if the remote computers can :

    1. ping your local FOG server
    2. boot by PXE on your local FOG server

    then there may be a chance that wat you want can pass. But, many routers block DHCP and pxe boot. you’ll have to bypass this, or the best way is to setup a FOG server on the remote location you’ll manage from you chair 🙂
    But if the children are geographically separated, what i just suggested is useless.

  • I knew that, the gist of the question still remains - can fog restore a computer at a remote location ?

  • Moderator

    Fog doe not do incremental backups. Use carbonite or an external hard drive with built in backup software