Could not complete tasking /bin/fog.upload

  • Got above error

    0_1506965816542_Screenshot from 2017-10-02 13-36-14.png

    retyped “password” FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD

    Is that sufficent? Anything more? With the /opt/fog/.fogsettings file? If so, then how?

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    @jackiejack said in Could not complete tasking /bin/fog.upload:

    That long string in .configure file is the password?

    Yes that is the password and not the hash. The password for the linux user fog should have never been password. That is the default password for the web gui admin called fog yes I know its confusing. I really wish the developers long time ago would have change one of them to something different to avoid the confusion.

  • @jackiejack Ran through all steps. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks.

  • @jackiejack Tried to log into with filezilla but it says incorrect login, even though I changed the password to password.

    That long string in .configure file is the password? I thought it was some hash encryption thing.

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    @jackiejack for step 5 you need to use the command line ftp program not a browser window. I guess I need to make that clearer in the guide.

    Also as a side note, having a clear picture of the error taken with a mobile phone helps us understand the context around the error too. I just guessed at this one based on the error message.

  • @george1421
    First I am trying step 5.

    On my windows 10 edge I type but absolutely nothing comes up.

    Oh and I didn’t touch the fog account at all.

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    Did you by chance muck about with the linux user called fog or its password? The linux service account fog should only be used by the FOG application and not for interactive administration. Understand this is not the web ui administrative account called fog but the linux service account called fog

    Unfortunatly this is a common occurrence (reusing the fog system account for other purposes). Here is how to reset the system.

    1. Login with another user account that has sudo rights.
    2. Inspect the file /var/fog/.fogsettings (its hidden)
    3. Collect and document the value of password in the document. That is the password the fog account should be set to.
    4. Reset the linux fog user account to that password defined in step 3. You will use passwd fog to reset the account. Hint: If you log into your fog server using putty you can copy and paste text much easier than using the linux console.
    5. From a windows computer confirm that you can ftp to the fog server. Login with the user fog and the password collected from step 3. If successful proceed to the next step.
    6. Goto the FOG Web gui and FOG settings. Ensure the user ID in the tftp section says fog and the password matches the value collected in step 3.
    7. Go to the storage node configuration for this FOG server. Ensure the management id is fog and the management password is the same as you collected in step 3.
    8. Now go back to the fog server linux console and rerun the fog installer (./ to realign the remaining bits.
    9. Done.