• Hello,
    I needed to repartition my FOG server and wound up corrupting the /home/ partition. I deleted and recreated the partition and the fog user directory. Is there supposed to be any scripts or anything in that directory? Additionally, in my moving items around while out of space in my /images/ partition, I think I would up deleting some files in the /images/postdownloadscripts/ and the /images/dev/postinitscripts/ directories.

    So the question is, what should be in those directories and where can I download the initial contents for those directories? I ran the installfog.sh script again and it looked like it might have been doing that, but the contents of the directories didn’t change. Maybe nothing is missing after all.

    Thanks, Tim

  • Thanks. I was just wondering. Before I recreated the /home/fog/ directory the image capture process kept giving errors. So I was thinking that there might be some script or something in that directory. However, now after just manually recreating that directory image capture is working just fine again. I had run the installofg.sh and I had thought that it would have recreated the fog home directory, since it did detect that the directory was missing. I didn’t read the screen carefully enough to see that it was directing me to manually delete and recreate the fog user. Recreating the home directory did the trick through.

    Thanks for confirming that I am not missing anything critical in that directory though.


  • @musat FOG keeps DB backups and web directory backups inside of /home and makes sure the local fog account has a home directory so that FTP works right. That’s the only thing FOG uses /home for. Also - the fog installer is really good at fixing problems - the installer should be everyone’s go-to tool for problems.