• Hi guys

    Is there a way to get the new HP ProBook X360 11 G1 EE
    to pxe boot with fog have tried it every which way

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    @smcadm Seems like google is your friend here - see this:

    Updating the Bios firmware has done the trick and PXE boot is working now…

    I really don’t understand what’s wrong with HP notebook’s firmware?! We’ve see the weirdest things happening (fatally wrong initialized registers would cause the linux kernel to freeze when booting on the HP x2 210 devices - they send us a patched firmware more than a year ago but have not released a patched firmware officially yet…). So to make a long story short, I really wouldn’t wonder if PXE booting is going to work for you after firmware upgrade.

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    @smcadm said in HP X360 11 G1 EE:

    HP ProBook X360

    It looks like that probook has a built in ethernet adapter (a good thing) that is based on a realtek chip (Realtek RTL8111HSH). So at least you should have a network adapter that is supported for uefi pxe booting.

    I don’t know the HP models, but do you need to enable uefi pxe booting in the firmware? On the Dells, pxe booting must be enabled in the firmware for uefi mode.

    It sounds like this isn’t a FOG issue since the notebook isn’t getting an IP address at all. What device provides your dhcp addresses on your network?

  • Hi Sebastian

    No error

    On pxe boot u don’t even get a ip I am going to give ipxe.efi
    Setting in dhcp First thing in the morning

    Network not found error


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    @smcadm What error do you see? Does it hang at one stage? Please post a picture of the screen where you think things go wrong.

    As well we need to know which version of FOG you use and which OS on the FOG server you have installed.