SOLVED Win7x64 : Golden Image : different profiles ...

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.4.2 SVN 6072
    • OS: Debian 8
    • Service Version: SmartInstaller v0.11.12
    • OS: Win7x64 PRO

    Hi everyone,
    This topic is not really about an issue …
    I’m searching a way to use my Golden Image to different profiles.

    At this point, image work with a desktop configuration by using :

    • sysprep
    • setupcomplete.cmd
    • jonction to domain by FOG feature
    • only one local user : the built-in administrator

    but … for some latop in my office, we need a diffrent profile :

    • no domain
    • local admin
    • local standard user in autologin

    By the postdownload script, i can inject a specific sysprep & setupcomplete.cmd by using kernel ARGS and a simple way :

    if [ $model != "VARtest" ] && [ -f "$unattendWin7" ]; then
    	echo "Desktop computer ..."
    	        . ${postdownpath}fog.drivers
    	        . ${postdownpath}
    	        . ${postdownpath}fog.registry
    	        . ${postdownpath}fog.antivirus
    	        . ${postdownpath}fog.bonus
    if [ $model == "VARtest" ] && [ -f "$unattendWin7" ]; then
    	echo -n "Laptop ... Laptop is " $model
    	        . ${postdownpath}fog.drivers
    	        . ${postdownpath}fog.sysprepLaptop
    	        . ${postdownpath}fog.antivirus

    In fog.sysprepLaptop, i copy the specific laptop unattend file into the /ntfs/Windows/Panther.

    This unattend activate the built-in admin account and create a user local account by this way :

          <LocalAccount wcm:action="add">
             <Description>Compte Utilisateur</Description>

    Now, i want to personnalize this standard account … for examples … :

    • on desktop : some specifics icons
    • in the start menu : some specifis icons
    • in the taskbar : some specific icons
    • ect …
    • need to delete some icons into the start menu
    • need to set this account in autologin …

    BUT i can’t add / delete files during setupcomplete … why ? because, the user “Utilisateur” has no folder (C:\Users\Utilisateur) before her first connexion into the computer …

    What is the good way to add & personnalize an account after a deploy ? … without use Sysprep / CopyProfile ?

    I already use CopyProfile to set the build-in account for the desktop configuration …

    Maybe 'i’m totally in a wrong way …

  • Hi,
    Thank for answers …

    @george1421 :
    I’m not sure if i really understood your things …

    You said :
    you may need to use persistent groups to set some default actions
    Can you write an example ?

    You will have the most flexibility if you use the post install scripts to connect to AD
    I use post install scripts to connect my AD with the desktop computer. But, for theses laptops, i don’t need to connect to AD …

    I think, i’m not really need to alter the unattend.xml because i use a specific unattend file for theses laptops.

    You can only install “things” that windows will find during installation : yes, i understood this part 🙂

    I use my specific unattend file to create my user Utilisateur. But i can’t personnalize this user with unattend …

    @Seb-B : i will try your way 🙂

    I will be back !

  • Moderator

    If you use your postinstall scripts to do different things and not the fog client you have some options. You can also use the fog client to do some things but you may need to use persistent groups to set some default actions. (yes I know I’m talking in circles. The answer depends on how you are currently going about it.) You will have the most flexibility if you use the post install scripts to connect to AD.

    With your post install scripts you do have access to FOG run time settings. So you can craft your post install script to act differently depending on image name, or values of custom fields like primary user, other 1 and other2 fields. Based on the values in those fields you can alter the client’s behavior during oobe by updating the unattend.xml file, or adding or changing the setupcomplete.cmd file dynamically. The thing to remember is that the postinstall script runs in linux so you can’t run applications or interact directly with the windows environment. You can only install “things” that windows will find during installation.

    You could append to the section of the unattend.xml script to create users during oobe. That way they will be created before your setupcomplete.cmd file is run.

  • Salut!

    I’ll continue in English so that everyone understands.

    It may be dumb but can’t you just edit the default profile on your laptops (as a part of setupcomplete.cmd) as there probably is only one user on the laptop?
    And then configuring the desktops through GPO?

    I’m just tossing ideas here, just in case you didn’t think of that…