Install/Deploy Image to USB Stick

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    • FOG Version: 1.2.0
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Service Version:
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    Hi All,

    I captured an image from a desktop which had a SATA HDD.
    It is a linux image.
    It works perfect on desktops with HDD as destinations.
    I want to find out about how to push the image to a desktop which does not have an HDD instead has a 32 GB USB Stick.

    During network boot and kpxe stage, i do not see USB stick being recognized.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    @kvrprasad Any news on this issue?

  • Developer

    @kvrprasad Then boot into debug task again and run lsusb, dmesg | grep sd and uname -r, post a picture here.

  • Once in debug, i ran lsblk and blkid
    I did not receive any output.
    But i have a ubuntu installation on the usbstick and i boot from the usb.

  • Developer

    @kvrprasad Although your FOG version is very dated I think we had the USB-STORAGE driver in the kernel even back in FOG 1.2.0. So in general the USB key should be recognized on deployment.

    Please register that client in the web UI and schedule a debug deploy task for it. Then boot it up and when you get to the shell run lsblk and blkid. Post a picture of the output on screen here.

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