Need some help getting replication working.

  • I have setup two FOG servers setup as normal. Site A is my MAIN office and Site B is the REMOTE.

    At site B remote, all we do is deploy images, no captures. Site A MAIN does all the image capture.

    I have been successful in marking an image for replication and that is copying, but I wanted to see if there is a way to have the image become available in the Remote location without having to do an import of the image.

    Is there any way to scan for new images in the /images folder or have the image replicated and automatically become available.

    Is this an issue due to having two different databases?

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    @jjcjr With your concerns then the remote site will need to have a stand alone storage node, just for the reason you cited. If the master node is unreachable then imaging isn’t possible.

    What you are asking for is not currently available in fog (what I’ve been calling a multi master node setup. I’ve personally had a feature request in for this for over 2 years). The developers have just added a restful api interface that was on the roadmap to provide what you are asking. But its not there just yet.

    With your current setup, you only need to export from the master node and import into the remote node when you have a new image definition. If you update an existing image definition, the new files will be replicated to the remote fog server and nothing else is needed. This is how I run my multi-master fog setup.

  • @george1421 The problem is that the remote site needs to connect to the master. Even though you say it’s a small download, if for some reason the remote site is cutoff from the master, it can no longer do ANY imaging.

    I really am trying to setup a remote location that has no technical people (classroom) and be able to perform imaging of the classroom desktops.

    If for some reason the master node is not accessible, then there is no way to restore an image that is saved in the storage node. Thus the need to have both set as normal and their own masters.

    If the storage node could have the local clients restore an image that is local without needing to contact the master node (like when you first boot to the pxe menu an unregistered machine and then you deploy an image)

    Or, if the image replication between two masters could work like the Master to storage node. Or if there was a way to just export the image definition as part of the replication, the have the remote import or scan and import the image automatically.

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    @jjcjr Yes you can. The fog storage node is a full FOG server, just without the database. It uses a sql server back to the master fog server to use its database. Replication works as it should and so does pxe booting. BUT, i have to tell you the clients must be able to connect to the master node during booting to pick up instructions on how to find “its” storage node.

    The connection to the master node only downloads a small … text file (really a iPXE menu file) from the master node then pulls everything from the local storage node.

  • If I use a storage node a the remote location, can I get the remote machines to pxe from the storage node and not from the main server. The link between the two locations is not that fast.

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    Is there a reason for not using a fog storage node at the remote location?