SOLVED Windows 10 - 1703 autologon issue..

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    This isn’t really related to FOG specifically, but I have seen that others have posted Windows 10 issues that have to do with imaging in here (so I thought I would try). I have made many Windows 10 images, and have never ran into the issue that I am currently experiencing with any of the past builds (1511, 1607). Basically the issue I am having is after deploying my image (Windows 10 - Version 1703), the administrator auto-logins indefinitely when it should only auto-login once. The auto-login option is in the unattend.xml file that is ran with sysprep. I have my auto-login count set to “1” currently, but it will re-login to the administrator profile multiple times which is causing issues. I haven’t changed anything in the way I do things, and it has always worked before (which leads me to believe this is a 1703 issue)… Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you too have been experiencing this. I haven’t been able to find a fix or even anyone experiencing the same issue. Thanks!

    Dustin Olson

  • Auto logon values are stored in the registry. Run the following PowerShell script to determine your current AutoLogon settings.

    $path = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon'
    $AutoAdminLogon = (Get-ItemProperty -Path $path).AutoAdminLogon
    $DefaultUserName = (Get-ItemProperty -Path $path).DefaultUserName
    $DefaultPassword = (Get-ItemProperty -Path $path).DefaultPassword
    $AutoLogonCount = (Get-ItemProperty -Path $path).AutoLogonCount
    Write-Host "Current AutoLogon Settings:" -ForegroundColor Yellow
    Write-Host "AutoAdminLogon: $AutoAdminLogon"
    Write-Host "DefaultUserName: $DefaultUserName"
    Write-Host "DefaultPassword: $DefaultPassword"
    Write-Host "AutoLogonCount: $AutoLogonCount"

    Output from my Windows 10 1607 laptop:

    Current AutoLogon Settings:
    AutoAdminLogon: 0
    DefaultUserName: Administrator

    AutoAdminLogon has two states. If it’s 0, then it’s disabled. If it’s 1, then it’s turned on.
    AutoLogonCount indicates the remaining number of automatic logons. This number decreases by one every time the computer restarts, until it reaches 0. When it reaches 0, it changes AutoAdminLogon to 0 and clears the DefaultPassword. Setting this to any number below 0 will effectively set your computer to automatically logon forever.

  • This sounds like a windows issue to me, if I were in your shoes I’d post on technet or get in contact with Microsoft support.