• Hello ,
    I’m new with Fog and that community so Hello Again !
    Actually i’m installing Fog right now and i need some help :
    I have already a Linux DHCP (ISC) in a server and i will install FOG in another Ubuntu Server,
    I want to know if i have to do changes on my DHCP because the documentation wasn’t clear for that point (for me so it’s just my opinion)
    Both DHCP and FOG are in the same subnet by the way

    Thank you !

  • Thanks George !
    Sorry for thanking you too late but i didn’t think that i will get the answer that fast haha !
    Anyway Thanks again !


  • Moderator

    @triso Ok then if you already have a isc-dhcp server before fog then do not install the fog dhcp server.

    To configure your current dhcp server the FOG Wiki is a great place to start: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=BIOS_and_UEFI_Co-Existence#Example_1 Example #1 is the perfect settings you will need. In your subnet section add the class directives as seen in example #1 as well as the next server directive. That should be the IP address of your fog server. That is it.