• We just purchased a company in Canada. I have two untangle firewalls connected with a site to site vpn. I have a windows 2008 r2 box as a DC /DNS /DHCP onsite. We have a fog full server install here (US). I setup a storage node in Canada and set it to talk back to our main server. When I log into our main server it shows how much hard drive space is free on our storage node. I can also image a machine from the US and store it on the storage node. For some reason though when I boot a machine to the network in Canada I get:

    PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout

    Now the storage node is on a different network.

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    Thanks for letting us know the fix, hopefully it will help out others that run into a similar issue.

  • I found the fix.

    Untangle needed to update. Once I put the 9.3 update on Untangle it worked just fine. For other people running this same config - make sure you point your DHCP to your main server - also make sure that you make bypass rule on your firewall.

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