Linux, grubx64.efi, and refind.conf

  • Developer

    • FOG Version: 1.5.0-RC-5
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

    Wanted to document this configuration for others.

    I’m using FOG to image UEFI multi-boot systems, with boot-time selection controlled by /EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi. UEFI is configured to boot PXE first, then from the hard drive.

    When I configure iPXE’s UEFI exit to anything other than rEFInd, I get the infinite boot attempts issue.

    When I leave iPXE’s UEFI exit to rEFInd, the default I believe, then rEFInd tries to boot the first .efi file from /EFI/ubuntu/, which fails to boot. This is because the default_selection for rEFInd is set to 1.

    I solved my problem with this:

    sed -i 's/^default_selection .*/default_selection "grubx64.efi"/' /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe/refind.conf

    BTW: You guys have been busy! I’m liking 1.5.0. Good work.

  • @fractal13 Hey, long time no hear, hope all is well.

    Wondering if you (being the original writer and all) wouldn’t mind reviewing my latest procsfdisk.awk script? Had a few issues in 1.3.x days that kind of required a rewrite of it all, which went fairly well. Last night (early this morning) I hope to have solved the mystery of extended partitions though I’m sure it’s not perfect. I can’t see the “flow” nicely. So a good review could be very very useful. (Others are welcome to it as well.)