Error when restoring image

  • FOG Server version 1.4.4
    CentOS 7 fully updated

    I’m having the attached error when restoring the image on a Windows 7 machine. After the PC reboots, the image is fine. Should this error be something that I should be worried about or can I disregard it? 0_1501339354185_FOG Error2.jpg

  • @tom-elliott Thanks for the reply. This is from our main server. I just built that one and put it in place to test it. That FOG version is 1.4.4, running on the latest CentOS 7. We have a much older one running Ubuntu that I would like to replace.

  • I might suggest trying to ensure whatever node this is on is updated to the same as your “main” server? I say this becuase I made that error a warning. I’ll double check just to be sure, but warning will show the same message, but won’t halt the completion when the message presents. I cannot, for the life of me, remember if this was pushed in for an RC of 1.5.0 or if it made it into 1.4.4 though, so you might want to update to the RC’s. (Not that you have to).

    To answer the question more directly, as long as the system can boot without any issues you should be fine.

  • @wayne-workman Sure I’ll try to help out when I get back to work on Monday. We normally set our PCs to boot in Legacy mode. Just let me know what you need me to do.

  • @chris178 I’ve found that the GUID matters a whole lot if you’re operating in UEFI mode - if the GUID is off, the box just won’t boot. If you’re in legacy mode, it doesn’t matter as much. Can you help us get that part working on this NVME disk? We would pass some commands here for you to try out to see if we can get it going.