SOLVED Ethernet Adapter and unique identifier

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.4.4
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04
    • Service Version: MAC os x
    • OS: Sierrra
    Description: Wondering if anyone has run into this issue… So specifically the issue I face is with macbook air’s which have no ethernet port, so the logical step I took was to grab some thunderbolt adapters and move on… Problem is the adapter’s mac address is what fog will use and fog has no way of distinguishing one Macbook from the other if using the same ethernet adapter?

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    @SlimJim Did you get to test this on a release candidate installation? Should be working there already.

  • Senior Developer

    @SlimJim Same as George I don’t have first hand experience but remember reading about it in the forums.

    On the other hand we are working towards using the system UUID as key to identify clients. Tom already added this to the parameters sent by iPXE. As well he’s told me that this is considered in the PHP code as well. So I am sure it won’t take very long till we can use this. I am working on adjusting the fog-client to use this as well!

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    I have not personally experienced this as of now, but I know others are able to manage around this. This is a similar issue as with the Surface Pros and their doc. People will image the surface pros in a staging dock, so technically all devices will have the same mac address (since the wifi isn’t capable to image across).

    Hopefully someone will come along that has first hand experience with this process. I just wanted to say its been done before and not specific to your Mac.