FOG Service Recompiling Issues

  • Ok, I give up. I’ve been working on this for the better part of the last week. I’ve been trying to recompile the dlls and config.ini so that the snapinclient and printermanager modules have a check-in time of about 30-60 seconds instead of the 5 minutes before.

    I modified the two .cs files and built them into dlls. Then I copied the dlls and the config.ini over to the folder where I had decompressed the original MSI with Winstall and then compressed it. NOTE: The modified MSI is 805 kb as where the original MSI is 787 kb.

    I pushed the modified MSI to a remote machine with PSExec and it installed correctly. After reboot, the service will run for 5 seconds, then stop. No error messages.


    Server: Ubuntu 12.04 server
    FOG: 0.32
    Client: Win XP
    LOG: Attached

    I suspect it may have something to do with the .NET 4 Framework, so I’m doing another Windows Update now to see if that fixes it. I will post again if it does.

    Any help you guys can offer would be splendid. Thanks in advance!


  • Perfect. That’s exactly what I needed! Pretty sure I missed the step to change the framework to 2.0. Everything else I’ve done, so that makes sense. Thanks again Chad!

  • Moderator

    look at the wiki for the instructions on recompiling the hostnamechange.dll. It has the necessary steps to recompile the dll’s in it. You have to build the dll, then you have to rebuild another package or two with the new DLL’s in it.