• I created an image using the multiple partition image - single disk (not resizable), and the image size was 223gb (the full size of the disk).
    When I used the single disk (resizable) option the image size was 20gb.

    What’s the difference between the options?

  • In terms of single disk productivity is the best option because the clone of this image was on average 30 minutes in multicast mode, when I used multiple partition the time to clone the image was in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Moderator

    When you use single disk non-resizable the image is not shrunk to its smallest possible size (removing all of the empty sectors on the disk). So your target computer must have a hard drive the same size or larget than the source disk. On target computers with larger hard drive the extra space on the disk is not added to the image that is deployed.

    Single disk resizable will shrink the source disk to the size of the data on the disk. In this case your target hard drive must be (only) larger than the size of your data on the source disk.