SOLVED Group Management Issues/Concerns

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.5.0 RC3 Working Branch Updated 9am EDT Today
    • OS: CEntOS 7
    • list itemWhen you create a Group, add PCs to it, etc. The Location Tab does nothing.

    Is a groups supposed to be able to assign location membership?

    • list itemWhen you assign snapins, the snapin selection isn’t retained in the group.

    Is this by design? It seems it would be more useful if the Group object at least retained the snapin selected even if the group works only to update the members when the selection is made. This would make the group snapin selection re-usable as we add new members to a group.

    • Similar to above, the Image Association isn’t retained in the group.

    Same issue as with snapins.

    • Some selections are retained (AD Settings for certain, maybe Printers, Power Management, not sure)

    Is this by design?

    I previous versions of FOG, I’ve ignored Groups since I found some of these same inconsistencies. If groups are functioning as they always have, feel free to ignore all issues here except the Location issue. If there was never integration between FOG groups and the location plugin, then the tab should not appear. If there was integration, it needs to be restored.


  • Snapins and Printers don’t have preselectors, because this would be a massive performance issue. We have to call all hosts, make comparisons against all hosts, validate which hosts have all the same information, then use that to present. Because of the “associative” nature of snapins and printers, this is much simpler to handle by just presenting them all and showing the user they can add/remove. We don’t have a means to know which are associated (otherwise we’d be making a list of “here’s the hosts that have these snapins/printers”). For this reason, it’s just a selector to allow adding and removing, it’s on you to know what is associated to the whole of the group or not.

    Image association isn’t retained because of a bug, this is now fixed in the working tree.

    AD Settings should be retained. Printers (as stated earlier) are not retained. Power Management is not retained for the same type of reason as snapins/printers.

    Remember, for plugins they’re kind of their own ball game. Plugins aren’t enabled by default and aren’t installed by default. So I’m aware plugins will have some issues while I work towards updating them to be bootstrap friendly. I’ve already fixed the issues for groups/host location not being available which is now also in the working tree.

  • And addition -

    I’m seeing group settings being retained and not retained within a screen. The Group retains Group EFI Exit Type setting under Group General, but not the Group BIOS Exit Type. When you leave the group definition and come back, the Group BIOS Exit Type is - Please Select an option -. It also sets all members this way. Perhaps the problem is an error in reading the set value, ending up with the default value and that getting applied to all members.