SOLVED FOG Top Menu buttons are off center on 24" 1080p Monitor

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.5.0 RC-2
    • OS: Debian 9.0

    Top buttons are a bit off center (tend to stay right), but look normal on my portrait 1680x1050 22" monitor.

    I know it seems like something small, but centered buttons are nice looking. 🙂

    1_1500928171863_2017-07-24 16_27_07- 0_1500928171863_2017-07-24 16_26_13-.png

  • @Tom-Elliott That makes sense. I figured I would at least report it and talk about it.

    Thanks. 🙂 You can close this!

  • While I certainly appreciate the feedback, the main menu icons are not designed to be “centered” though I can understand the look/feel being kind of like it.

    The reason for the “off kilter” look is to make it so the navbar has room for the search element on “searchable” pages. Having the menu’s centered would make the menus “shift around” when on a page lacking the search element vs. a page having the search element. So this is somewhat intentional. While I’m sure I could get a centered effect taking account of the search element, it just wouldn’t “look” right on center for those pages not having the search element. Hopefully this helps make sense of it. I don’t consider this a bug as this is intentionally “not centered”

  • I know you feel differently, but it looks fine to me.