SOLVED Deploy Windows 10 image

  • Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:13 am
    Running Version 1.3.5
    SVN Revision: 6067

    Hi everybody, i’m preparing new master os with Windows 10 Pro.

    What is the best process for make clean OS image ?

    • Should i make sysprep before upload ?
    • Fogclient.exe work fine with windows 10 ?

    Thanks for your back, my master is ready i just wait the answer about it necessary to make a sysprep before upload to fog ?


  • i like the idea of using /quit instead of /shutdown and getting sure the shutdown is a real one with shutdown -s -t 0 -f 😉
    I never used the chkdsk portion but it would not do any harm 😄 but wasting time :p… well i do a defrag instead.

    If there is still a hdd i think it would make sense to defrag before you write cereal to it 😉

  • thanks for your reply everything work fine

  • Moderator

    I am in belief that you should always sysprep your golden/master image. There are others that say its not necessary. It is required if you want to make a universal image that will work on any hardware. If you sysprep and want to make a universal image all you need to do is ensure the proper drivers are available in the golden image (or install them using a fog post install script) and a single image will deploy to your hardware.

    You do not need the fog client to deploy your target OS. You do need the fog client installed on the target computer if you want fog to manage some post install steps. If you do use the fog client ensure you follow the required steps here to have a successful deployment:

    For your second post your sysprep line is missing a few options (at this moment I can’t tell you what is missing, but there IS a command line switch to tell the computer to power off. Also you will probably want to use the unattent.xml file to configure a few options during windows OOBE setup.

    If you don’t use the option to power off windows in the sysprep command your shutdown command is spot on.

  • Before upload on fog Windows 10 PRO Master image :

    • Make Full Installation and configuration of master
    • chkdsk /F 😄
    • sysprep /generalize /quit
    • shutdown -s -t 0 -f

    Do you think it’s okay?