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    • FOG Version: 1.44
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    Hi All,

    Having a weird issue here at a school I manage.

    I have 400 computers in a school I manage. On about 10 of my machines I had PXE Boot and did a full host registration. On these 10 machines from that point forward they are no longer able to get an IP from PXE boot or an IP in Windows.

    Just curious if there is something in the Fog Server causing these to never get an IP again before I go and yell at our DHCP admin to fix it since they say there is no issue on their end.

    Thank you

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    @nitelife There is still something going on here that is not clear. Are these 10 systems of the same manufacturer and model?

    If you change the target computer’s bios to not pxe boot but to boot from the local hard drive do they get an IP address?

    If the fog server and one of these 10 pxe booting clients are on the same subnet then I think we need to see a pcap of what the hey is going on with the dhcp process.

    This tutorial will walk you through setting up the fog server to capture the dhcp process.

  • @george1421 Our DHCP Server is housed on the other side of town. It hands out 10.95.7.* ips. We have our fog server set as and its set in the DHCP Server for PXE requests to go there. 390 computers work flawlessly. ITs just these 10 that right after host registration or imaging looses the ability to ever get an IP again.

    Tried different ports in switches. Plugging into our managed Cisco Switches. Deleting the old host IP out of the DHCP Server.

    Just seems weird the computers worked fine before host registration or imaging it can no longer get an IP. Just making sure Fog cannot cause it somehow.

    Possibly its blacklisted now on the DHCP Server somehow? Any other thoughts that may help?

    Thank you

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    @nitelife I’m not sure what kde.proxyonly setting is.

    What I was referring to is having fog setup with a dhcp server and then also having a building or managed dhcp server running in the same environment. There is nothing that fog can do to the client to stop it from getting a dhcp address. Possibly having 2 dhcp servers might cause erratic client operations.

  • Are you thinking it is somehow and that is the issue?

  • using the kde.proxyonly or whatever that setting is on our dhcp server so no.

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    @nitelife Are you sure that the fog server isn’t issuing dhcp addresses?