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    • FOG Version: 1.4.0-RC-9.3
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04
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    NOTE : This is not a major problem for me, but it is a FOG Problem :)

    Hello Everyone,

    I am in the process of imaging 450 laptops (HP Stream 11 G3s) My FOG setup consists of 1 Master and 6 Storage Nodes. In FOG’s Web GUI, under “Storage Management”, I set the Master’s “Max Clients” to 0 in order to keep the Web Server / PXE booting quick! I also have a group of 32 USB to Ethernet adapters in FOG’s “Group Management” that i use to quickly deploy my image to all 28 computers at a time.

    Occasionally, (about 1 in every 7 or 8 computers) a laptop tries to associate itself with the Master server and because i have the Master set to handle 0 exactly clients, the laptop goes into the waiting state… “There are 0 in front of me… etc…” I dont know if this is a bug but I could definitely see this being an issue in a large environment.

    I was able to find a work around… I went to “Task Management” and “Force Task to Start”. Another interesting thing is that when i do this FOG’s Web GUI says it is now associated with one of the 6 Storage Nodes. But on the HP Stream, it shows it is pulling the image from the Master.

    Any Ideas? Thanks for your time!

  • @george1421 I actually ended up testing on the last batch of HP Streams! (28 to be exact!) Everything went very smooth! Thanks for your help George!

  • OK. I am going to finish out the rest of the 450 HP Streams… (About 50 to go) I will do some testing later on the latest release! Thank You!

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    It would be interesting to know if this issue still exists in FOG 1.4.4 (you are several releases behind). If we need to get the devs involved then they will require you to be on the latest release to resolve the issue with a hot patch.

    FOG 1.5.0 is still a few weeks out so if this still IS an issue with 1.4.4 we can get the final fix into the 1.5.0 release. But I understand the logic behind what you are saying so its possible that it can happen just as you described.